Data Services

We advise on data collection methodologies, questionnaire design & implementation for CAPI, CATI and web-based projects. We usually work with data that has been commissioned from a research agency and provided to us at the end of the field work phase.

Data handling from this stage onwards will always comprise data consistency checking; can include primary data processing (data entry); weighting to population estimates where appropriate and various statistical routines as required. Our output is tailored for each project to best suit individual client requirements.

Generally a specifically tailored database and one of the ESPRI range of software tools is provided to the end client and / or to their research agency.

Empowering Data Investigation

Improving access to research data

We are distributors for Infotools’ database service and visualisation tools which make data accessible throughout your organisation. We have the right data access tools for those in different roles, for example, database access for researchers and interactive reporting for marketing and management. With ‘access’ comes ‘use’ and with use comes better quality business decisions.

Integrating disparate marketing data

We can integrate any type of quantitative survey data from your research company, from ad hoc studies to tracking studies, one country or one hundred. Then we can enrich it further with our data integration service to combine it with sales data, media spend, macro-economic data and more, so you can see the complete picture of your brands performance.

Achieving global views of your market

We are experts in data harmonisation. Compare results from multi country studies to identify opportunities and strategies to grow your brand strength and consumer perception across markets.

Maximising the value of your research investment

Our database service puts your research data into the hands of those who need it most. This ranges from a database to investigate patterns and trends to our data visualisation tools that provide specific interactive views in a very engaging easy to use way.

Best practice reporting

Fixed views within reports are sometimes necessary so we leverage the latest technology to bring your data to life to let you interact with the data and easily extract the stories.

Work smarter and make better business decisions

Our award winning software and database service makes analysing your data easy so your researchers and marketers spend more time analysing and investigating your research results and less time extracting and integrating data.